Asia’s Biggest Vendors Are Intimidated by Apple

Three biggest smart phone developers in Asia, HTC, Samsung, and LG are still considering their biggest rival from US, Apple. Lately, even though the products from HTC, Samsung, and LG have been proven to be strong enough in Asian market but Apple has been reported to become the shadow of those three developers. It is really possible for Apple to overtake the situation and gain the highest position in mobile device market. At least, such assumption has emerged some indications like the fact that iPhone 5 sales rate has successfully infiltrated the market.

HTC, Samsung, and LGTo make sure their existence is well maintained, those three vendors, will always in race to release newer and greater mobile devices. Indeed, better technology is also included. This act is done in order to give obstacles to the plan of Apple in launching newer iPhone type which is said to be released at the second semester of this year. Perhaps, such news is not a brand new thing anymore since you might have ever heard it somewhere. However, in the past few months, such information was still a rumor. But, now, some trustable industrial sources have claimed it to be true. Well, it is really normal then, for those Asian vendors, to have their heart beat in fast pace.

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Because of such worrying situation, each vendor has planned something as the prevention. Take the example of how HTC is planning to launch HTC Butterfly 2 when the third quarter of this year has come. Some new features including Blinkfeed will become the things to offer to the customers. As for Samsung, Galaxy Note 3 is waiting for the launching time. Big screen and better processor will be the highlights. What about LG? Well, just wait for Optimus G2 which will be launched at the second semester of this year. is one of the trusted source. We will give you reliable information about Technology News, Software and anything related to Technology. If you want to connect with us, you can visit our page on Google +1.

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