Easy Ways to Update the iPhone Software

Everybody knows that iPhone is a special smart phone produced by Apple. Unlike the regular cell phones or smart phones, the smart phone from Apple has its own particularity. People can see that mostly, Apple’s products do not fit with random or regular applications or software. People who have iPhone or any Apple’s products should get the applications or updates from Apple stores.

How to Update the iPhone Software

The applications and updates include the software update as well since the software used by iPhone or Apple’s products is completely different from other gadget products. Instead of the kind of software updates, the way to update the iPhone software is different as well. To help you figure out how to update the software, here we provide the easy ways.

Confirm Whether You Already Have the Latest Software Version or Not

The very first step before you update the software for your iPhone is confirming whether you have the latest software or not. It is very necessary to confirm it, because if you have already had the latest software version it means that you cannot update or upgrade it. If you have not had the latest version of software you want to update, it means that you can carry on updating it with the latest updates.

Check iPhone Software Version

Tap “Setting”

After confirming whether you already have the latest software version and you get your iPhone needs to be updated for the software, you can start updating by tapping the “Setting” button on the screen. Afterwards, you should activate the Wi-Fi in your iPhone. You can touch “Wi-Fi” button on the screen and try to connect it to the internet network nearest to you. Make sure that you get the excellent internet network unless your software update will crash in the middle of the updating process.

iPhone General Settings

Choose “General”

Soon after touching “Setting” button and connecting to the internet network through “Wi-Fi” then you have to touch “General” button inside the menu. Then, choose “About”. Further, you will see some drop down menu after you pick “About” button. From all the menus you can see “Software Update” button. What you have to do is tapping right on the “Software Update” button.

iPhone Software Update

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Touch Download Button

Afterwards, you will see the “Download” button only if the download for software update is available. If it is not, the “Download” button will not appear or cannot be clicked. If the latest software is available to download, then you should touch the “Download” button. Then, you need to wait for the update to download right away from the Apple official server. It is going to be long if either the software update is too big or the internet connection is too slow. To make it faster you are not allowed to disturb the internet network for any internet browsing activity unless the software will crash in the middle of the downloading process.

iOS Update Dialog

Click Install

Soon after the software update is downloaded, you need to click “Install” button to update the iPhone software you have already downloaded. It may need time to install the software. It depends on the size of the software and the capacity of your iPhone storage.

iPhone Update Software Install Now

Pick “Agree”

The next step after the software is installed is checking the terms and conditions regarding to the software that has been updated. If you agree to the update then you should pick “Agree” button under the terms and conditions.

The software for your iPhone has been already updated right after you follow the mentioned steps in order. It is quite easy and taking short time as if the internet connection is excellent and the iPhone storage capacity supports the software updating process. You can do the same steps to update the iPhone software under the same condition.

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