Experience New Mailing Service through Gmail on iPhone

The dynamic movement in our life wants every single person in the world move fast forward. The news spreading is just like in a flick of a finger and a blink of an eye. With this dynamic life, people also need a program which is capable to share messages passing through geographical border immediately.

Gmail on iPhone

That is why Gmail, as an electronic mailing service, comes up as the best mailing service for dynamic people. It has been familiar to us. Many of us have used this program to share messages. Gmail on iPhone offers the easiest and unforgettable moment of sending electronic mails. Gmail is already provided in many devices. We can access through personal computer (PC), Android-based smartphones, BlackBerry smartphones, and iPhone-based smartphones. If there are many devices to access this smart program, then why Gmail on iPhone has to be on the first rank? This is because Gmail on iPhone offers and provides more joy on sending your electronic mails.

Now, Gmail on iPhone comes with the newest version, which is Version 2.1. Through this newest version, prepare yourself to experience the newest experience with many newest features that you should not let them left behind. If you usually have to go back to the inbox every time you want to move between messages, now you only have to swipe your finger to the left or right and you can enjoy reading them through your iPhone. If you usually have to wait several minutes to give actions for multiple messages, with version 2.1, you can do so in a blink of an eye. You can get edit mode once you select one particular message in your inbox. If you are in edit mode already, you only have to tap several messages to select, after that you can choose whether you want to delete, archive, or star from the new action bar. What if you want to leave edit mode any time? Just simply click Cancel and you have left edit mode. Also, you do not have to worry since iPhone gives many improvements on its performance and fixes on its bugs.

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Is that all? Of course not. There are many other smart and interesting features waiting for you. You can switch account up to 5 accounts, fast new mail notifications completed with badge and lock screen options and notification center. You can look for through all mails on your account by only typing predictions. If you are in a conversation with your friend, you can see his or her profile pictures as a part of the conversation. When the conversations end and you want to reread the previous conversations, you can easily do so since the conversations are displayed as threads. Your attachments can be sent and received more quickly through Gmail on iPhone. If you want to customize your emails, you can do it with custom scribbles. If you want to give response toward your Google Calendar invites, you can do so easily right from Gmail. Right through Gmail, you can also read and give response to your posts on Google+. You are too lazy to copy your phone contacts to Google contacts? Now, you do not have to worry since it has auto-complete contact names feature once you type the names from your phone or Google contacts. You can get this cool program right from the site. And be ready to experience new sending mails moment through Gmail on your iPhone.

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