Google Glass: The Sophisticated Spy Glasses You Have Ever Dreamt About

Have you ever imagined that you were a spy agent with sophisticated device to bring? If you have so, then it is the right time to make your imagination come true. We have good news for you that recently, Google has launched a sophisticated device which is called Google Glass. This spy glasses actually has been a rumor since the last 2012, yet in 2013 Google team fulfill their promise to make it real and wearable for everyone.

Google Glass

Google Glass is a pair of portable and wearable spectacles which works like a smart phone. This gadget is actually having some spectacular specifications and amazing technology embedded on it. If you see deeper on this eye glasses based device you will see that there is a camera built in the frame. Definitely, it is not only a camera which is built in the frame but there are also small microphone and a battery. Google spectacles have clear and wide display. It is about 640 x 360 pixels which equals 25 inches screen. The display is equipped with such touch pad which can be used to control the screen and to search for various menus and features. Further, you will be very amazed with the camera. Even though it is a small camera embedded on a pair of spectacles but it can take the pictures for 5 MP and record videos for 720 p. Google Glass is very advantageous. This device can be used to search some data like what Google does and even for interactive video conference. It can be used as GPS as well. To support the connectivity, this gadget is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Google Glass is now available in USA and Europe. Each pair of Google spectacles is offered for approximately $1,500. The price might be too much but it really worth the technology. You will not be disappointed of having a pair of this spy glasses. From now on you can enjoy your day like you are a spy agent. is one of the trusted source. We will give you reliable information about Technology News, Software and anything related to Technology. If you want to connect with us, you can visit our page on Google +1.

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