HP Prime as the Latest Smartphone-Inspired Scientific Calculator

Lately, the world is surprised by the revelation of HP Prime. Even though the concept of this gadget is released by HP, but it is not a printer, desktop computer, monitor, or some other products which are usually manufactured by HP. Instead, it is a scientific calculator. This calculator can be said to be the latest and also most sophisticated calculator that can be found at this time. The reason is not only because it is made in a very sleek and phone-like design. It is also about the fact that this calculator is completed with 3.5” color display.

HP Prime DesignThe greatness of this HP Prime does not only stop right there because the display that it has is actually a touchscreen display. With such type of display, it is so reasonable for this calculator to be called as a smartphone-inspired calculator. Even so, of course, this gadget is still a calculator. It means that there is no phone function and also email function can be found in it. One thing known is that there are quite a lot of applications, which are related to calculations, such as geometry and some sort of things, provided in it. With colorful display and also multi-touch feature, it seems to be quite easy to use this gadget.

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Although HP Prime is already revealed to public, there is no more detail information about it. The price of it has not been mentioned. Moreover, the release date is also still unknown. Some even question about whether or not this calculator is completed with gaming feature. Even so, the answer is again and again still unknown. It seems that we have to wait for a little bit more to know about all those things. Even so, it seems that this new gadget is worth it for all of us to wait for.

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