Lenovo X131e ThinkPad Chromebook

Schools nowadays really need gadget supports to make the learning process reinforced. However, not all the gadgets available are really supports the learning process at school. Fortunately, in these recent times Lenovo, one of the world wide famous laptop manufacturer, is back to give support to the education. Lenovo launched a new gadget for schools once again after their Lenovo Windows-powered X131e ThinkPad.

Lenovo X131e ThinkPad ChromebookThe latest series of Lenovo ThinkPad for schools is very advantageous. Lenovo X131e ThinkPad Chromebook advanced notebook is designed particularly for schools and scholars. While designing it Lenovo collaborates with some school administrators and teachers to figure out what they really concern about. This notebook for schools is equipped with 11 inches screen with standard 1366 x 786 resolutions. Further, the display has been designed with anti-reflective glare display. Regarding that scholars will always bring their laptop to school every single day, Lenovo brings several advantageous features on this notebook. The first feature concerns on the durability of this notebook. Lenovo builds rubber bumper in each corner to minimize any possible damage and scraps. The second feature is the hinges. Lenovo gives durable hinges to make the Lenovo Thinkpad Chromebook stand for unlimited opens and closes. The next feature is the USB port. Lenovo gives 3 USB ports of their new notebook for schools to make the users who are normally students to get easy USB connection. Meanwhile, the battery used is 6-cell battery which can stand for a long time. Moreover, this notebook for school uses Google’s Chrome as its OS and Intel Coleron chip as its processor.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Chromebook is available to support school needs. It is very suitable for teachers and students. The durability and the easy internet access will make students learn the materials and work on the assignments joyfully. This notebook is priced about $429.

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