Microsoft is about to Release the New Surface RT and Pro Tablet

There is good news for Microsoft lovers because the company is scheduled to release the newest version of Surface RT and Surface Pro tablet. Based on the widespread news in any media, Microsoft will announce this sophisticated Surface tablet on June 26 when Build, a conference for developers in the world, is held.

New Surface RT Tablet

Quoted from DigiTimes dated on Friday (March 5th, 2013), an informant stated that Microsoft uses Intel x86 for the processor of the brand new generation of Surface tablet. This huge company has produced around 1.5 million units on the late 2012. The company itself in fact has successfully sold all the units. The 1.5 million units of Surface tablet was really well-sold. One million unit of Surface is Windows RT-based while the remaining units, which is 500 thousands units, use Windows 8 basis. Although it is such a big number of product selling, but the company admits that in fact, it only fulfills around a half of company target. While the company has targeted around 3-4 million units will be sold. On the other hand, in a separate report, IDC said that the shipping of Windows RT has reached 200 thousands units on the first three-month period this year. Meanwhile, the shipping for Surface RT and Surface Pro have successfully reached around 900 thousands units.

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Besides the information about the processor Microsoft used for the newest version of Surface tablet, the same informant said that Microsoft will preserve most of the components suppliers involved in the first generation of Surface tablet production. The informant also stated that this giant company will involve all of the business partners. The company aims to involve them in the production of the newest generation of Surface tablet. The company will appear the tablet with the size around 7 and 9 inches to fulfill the market demand. This aims to reach the company target once the company officially releases the product. is one of the trusted source. We will give you reliable information about Technology News, Software and anything related to Technology. If you want to connect with us, you can visit our page on Google +1.

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