Mio Alpha: A Watch That Cyclists and Runners Must Own

Cyclists and also runners are not always athletes. They can also be people who love cycling and running in order to keep their body healthy. For those people, there are quite a lot of gadgets that can be found in this time that can be used to monitor their workout activities, which are in this case cycling and running. One awesome example of those gadget is Mio Alpha, a high-tech watch which is about to be released in summer 2013.

Mio Alpha

Mio Alpha is actually a watch which is suggested for cyclists and also runners to own. So, what is special about it? This watch is in fact also heart rate monitor with high performance and accuracy. Because of such performance, although this watch can be used by common people, it is more suggested to use by athletes. On the display, there are several details always shown. Those details are clock and hear rate. If needed, there is also timer and Bluetooth connectivity features available. In every end of workout there will also a data review that can be seen in order to keep track on the workout done. Lastly, there is a very sophisticated technology integrated in this watch. It is the electro optical cell that can be used to detect blood volume of the user.

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Mio Alpha is available in a very simple design with black color. It is also designed with high quality comfort. It is including the fact that there is no set up needed whenever it is about to be worn. The price predicted for this beneficial watch is about $200. Even if it sounds pricey, all functions and also features available in it will make it equal. For the time when it will be released, it seems that we have to wait for further official announcement from the manufacturer.

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