Oculus Rift: An Awesome Future Headset for Serious Gamers

Future gaming experience will certainly be much better because of Oculus Rift. This gadget cannot be said to be a new one because it is now still available only for developers. It means that actually this gadget is now still on its way to be in production process. Even so, the prototype of it has been released so that it can be observed and also tested by developers before finally it is released to public.

Oculus Rift Gadget

For your information, this awesome Oculus Rift is actually a headset which is designed for virtual gaming. It is a future gadget which is strongly recommended for serious gamers because of many awesome details and also features that it has. Gamers can feel like they are in the game if they wear this headset. This kind of experience is something new in gaming, right? It is mentioned by the designer Palmer Luckey that actually the idea of creating this device comes from a movie entitled “The Matrix”. If you ever saw that movie, it is so certain that you know how the characters in the movie enter The Matrix World. Such idea is the one applied in this new future gadget.

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Even now Oculus Rift is still in its process to go public, it already gains quite a lot of praises, including the one come from John Carmack, who is no other but a very famous American game programmer. He did not only mention this gadget to be something so cool but also the best VR demo that he or even the world has ever seen. This gadget is now available for pre-order in the official web page of Oculus VR. With this, serious gamers can get some peace of mind because they will definitely get the gadget once it is released officially for customers later.

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