The Five Best Mobile Operating System 2013

In living this modern era, you must need to be assisted with something smart and modern too. There have been so many innovation that you can have to support your way of life in this present time and one of those innovations is smart phone. As its name, this kind of innovation is really meant to be smarter than any other communication tools.

Best Mobile Operating System 2013

What is meant by the term “smart” here is that the tool is not going to be able in running its function as a communication tool, but this is also going to be able to do so many other applications which usually you should do by using some other different devices. Those other applications are such as internet browsing, social networking, pictures and videos capturing, gaming, media player and so many other application. By using such kind of tool, you do not need to bring all of those different devices altogether anywhere you go.


OS Makes Your Phone Smarter

To be able to do such kind of performance, a smart phone is supported by a technology which is called as mobile operating system. There are so many kinds of operating system that you can find today and each of those will offer you its own specifications. However, it is going to bother you when you have to look for the most suitable operating system for your mobile device since there are about hundreds of it in the market. By then, you need to, at least, know about some of that operating system which has had its credibility and being considered by the customers in the market. You can simply get such kind of information by checking the best mobile operating system 2013 which are going to be reviewed below.

Android Mobile Operating System

For the first kind of the best mobile operating system 2013, you will meet Android. This is also can be said as the most popular operating system for mobile phone and there have been so many products of smart phone which trust their performance to this type of operating system. In doing its work, this operating system is based on the technology of Linux Open Source platform. There are going to be about 700.000 applications that you can enjoy from this kind of operating system. That is why there is no wonder that this is become the most wanted operating system for smart phone by most customers in the market. Then, in the second place you are going to be able to find the technology of iOS. This type of mobile operating system is created by Apple. When you get your smart phone to be powered by this operating system, you are going to be able to find about 750.000 apps and you will also be able to get the stunning design of iPhone. There will be also the Multi-Tasking capabilities of this operating system which makes your smart phone become even smarter. Besides, it has its best in serving you with the camera application.

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On the third place of the best mobile operating system 2013, you can have Windows Phone OS. This is meant to be the more steady mobile OS that you can find today. There are going to be about 150.000 apps that you can find in this type of operating system. it has the latest update application that can fulfill all what you expect for a smart phone. Usually, this technology of operating system for mobile is used by Nokia which is considered as one of the most credible mobile companies. There have been so many customers who love the products of Nokia and so with the operating system. Furthermore, you are going to be with Blackberry 10 in the fourth place of the best mobile operating system 2013. Of course, this mobile operating system is used to support the innovations and products of Blackberry. This new technology of mobile operating system for Blackberry is going to support the applications of this type of smart phone. In the last place you will have Ubuntu Touch OS. This is very suitable to be set for your smart phones and Tablets with its native apps. Those are the types of mobile operating system that you can find in the market today and those five are included as the best mobile operating system 2013. is one of the trusted source. We will give you reliable information about Technology News, Software and anything related to Technology. If you want to connect with us, you can visit our page on Google +1.

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